Why clean your air ducts?

As more research on indoor air quality is completed, the list of heath benefits from a clean ventilation system grows. More and more families are viewing this service as a “must-do” part of their home maintenance practice.

Just look at our Before and After pictures on the photo page and ask yourself, Do I really want to breath the air that is passing through my duct work in the state that it is in right now?

“70% of all furnace service calls and required repairs are the direct result of dirty furnace components.”
-Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News March, 2003

“Sick Building Syndrome is a disease of modern architecture, where sealed, energy-conserving buildings continually recycle contaminated air.”
-“This Place Makes Me Sick!” TIME Magazine, Dec. 1998

Why VacMan?


Everyone wants the same thing, true value for their investment. At VacMan we back our promises with procedures that insure a thorough cleaning on every job.

VacMan has the total package: we have the right equipment, the know-how and the desire to do the BEST JOB POSSIBLE! But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say about our service by checking out the responses from our customer survey:

Customer Survey Results

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Survey Results

*Data collected from 570 service reply cards returned to Vacman. All cards returned were used in the above graphs.