Most people never think about the venting for their dryer until something goes wrong and it becomes a problem. And even then, most people don’t even know they have a problem. Not only does improper venting cause your dryer to work overtime to dry your clothes, but it can also cause a very serious health issue of venting carbon monoxide into your home.

Just a few days ago, a home owner had our trained and certified technicians at VacMan Air Duct Cleaning out to take a look at their dryer vent system because it wasn’t drying their clothes like it use to. Upon inspection, we found that the vent piping had actually become detached due to improper mounting hardware. Since the pipe was disconnected, the customer was pumping deadly carbon monoxide into their home every time they turned on the dryer!

We quickly fixed the issue by reinstalling new piping and properly mounting it to keep it supported throughout the entire length. Not only does her dryer work flawlessly, but now they are healthy as ever and not at risk anymore!


“If it’s in your dryer… it could cause a fire!” so call “The Team you can Trust”

Joe Steenbeke Lead Technician VacMan Air Duct Cleaning