Apartment & Assisted Living Dryer Vent Cleaning

Multi-Unit Buildings
We care for the safety of both residents and managers alike who entrust us with taking care of their dryer vent maintenance. Each technician at VacMan is either C-DET (Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician) certified or in the process of certification. CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) facilitates both the training and certification of C-DET. We follow Fire-Safe procedures that meet or exceed the state codes.

If you own, manage, work at, or live in a multi-resident facility please take part in maintaining the clothes dryer and its venting that fall under the scope of your responsibility. Tenants should clean the lint filter after each load and keep the area around the dryer clear of debris so there is proper air flow, enabling the system to heat and cool most efficiently. If a dryer seems to run exorbitantly hot or takes several cycles to dry, you should notify a manager or staff member right away.

Managers and maintenance teams should be checking the dryer vents on a regular basis to be sure they are working in proper order. In the case of clothes dryer maintenance, what you do or don’t do can painfully affect the lives of others. Not all dryer vent cleanings are the same. In most cases an uncertified maintenance person or hired handyman should not facilitate a dryer vent cleaning. We have seen damage to venting material and completely clogged vents caused by failed attempts to clean a dryer vent. The outcome of cleaning a dryer vent by an inexperienced individual using incorrect equipment can be less than desired at best and disastrous at worst. We find that most dryer vents need to be cleaned from both sides, where it terminates outside and at the back of the clothes dryer. So beware of any company or person that assures you they can completely clean the vent from the outside only.

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