“Thanks so much for the pictures. I really appreciate them. We also want to let you know we have noticed a big difference since you were here AND I have had no eye problems either! I have been struggling with that for months and now nothing! Can’t thank you enough. I will have no reservations about recommending VacMan to people we know.”    
-Pam & Bill S.

“Great Experience. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks so much.”
– Scott & Shelly T. 

“Very satisfied with all aspects of the service.”
– Rob & Herta J. 

“Keep doing what you’re doing.”
– Chester & June G. 

“We were very pleased with your service, thank you!”
– Mark & Kristi H. 

“Thanks for serving my family & me. May God bless your business & family.”
– LaPhonso & Jennifer E.

“I waited until the furnace was started before mailing this card, NO DUST – KINDA NICE. Thank you!!
– Joe & Charlotte Whicker 

“It’s hard to improve on PERFECTION! Your professionalism was very much appreciated!”
– Jeffery & Beverly Rowe 

“Thank you so much for the fine job on cleaning the HVAC units in our facility. Your cleaning process has helped us maintain the desired level of air quality.”
– Dennis Daniels, Facilities Coordinator; Medtronic Sofamor Danek Mfg.

“Our comparison with other vendors providing like services revealed VacMan’s charges to be reasonable and competitively priced. I would recommend VacMan for anyone considering air duct cleaning.”
– Andrea Kelley, Director of Nursing; Fort Wayne Otolaryngology, LLC

“You are highly professional and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know!”
– Louis & Lori Greenwell

“Stay with the quality of work that you’re doing and you business will continue to flourish. Thanks!”
– Pam Marby 

“It was a very professional job – and Matt is a courteous and enjoyable person. Thank you very much.”
– Bob & Wanda Funderburk 

“Matt found an antique locket in the process of cleaning. It belonged to my Great Aunt. He gave it to me. HONESTY. SUPERB.”
– Louis Flora 

“If everyone is treated in the same manner we were, you don’t need any improvements. We thank you very much.”
– Charles Wyatt Sr. 

“VacMan was very efficient and clean, and also a gentleman. Thank you for coming so far to do our job.”
– Jeff & Abby Rider 

“Everything was great! Very friendly. We will definitely use VacMan again in the future.”
– George & Chris Mighion 

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! ! ! I am very happy with your service. I want to let you know that I previously made an appointment with a local company, but cancelled it after speaking with your receptionist and I’m glad I did.”
– Tara Yeiter 

“Thank you. I was surprised how the whole house smelled fresher. Matt did not make me feel stupid when I asked questions.”
– Sharon Garver

“Excellent service – very pleased – we are breathing better.”
– Joan & Jerome L.

“They were great.”
– Susan S.

“We think our air conditioner is working more efficiently now.”
– Don & Sandra H. 

“Air flow is good, keep up the good work.”
– Thomas F. 

“My home smells cleaner than ever.”
– Cathy F. 

“You need to give Kim & Joe a raise, they were great!”
– Rose S. 

“It was excellent!”
– Bob & Frieda C. 

“The house even smelled cleaner when I came home that night – THANKS!”
– Paul & Peggy Sergio 

“VacMan was extremely neat & very courteous, one of my best experiences with any service.”
– Michelle McCambridge

“I see a huge difference – just keep doing what you do – IT WORKS!”
– Vicki Reed 

“It was a pleasure to deal with a company that shows up on time, is highly qualified, and most importantly, courteous.”
– Jeb & Judy K. 

“We have found VacMan to offer reliable and thorough service. Your honesty and conscientious approach to work will keep you as our number one vendor for air duct cleaning.”
– Anthony P. Sergio, Jr., First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists

“Just grateful you were recommended to us. Thank you!”
– Brian & Sandi Stalker 

“The people who installed my air conditioning use your services. It was very satisfying.”
– Ester Young 

“I cannot say enough nice things about this company! GREAT!”
– Neill & Karen Doherty 

“Matt went above and beyond.”
– Tamara Ciszczon 

“Thanks for a nice clean job and for taking the care you did.”
– Dennis & Rea Williams

“You guys are wonderful and I will recommend your service to others.”
– Andre & Jennifer Robertson 

“Your guys were very thorough – did not cut corners. Thank you.”
– Mark & Becky Damore 

“Matt was the best serviceman we have had in our home.”
– Mr. & Mrs. Dell Powell

“I can’t think of any way it could have been better. Thanks for the before and after pictures!! We will share them with others.”
– Marty & Caro King 

“It’s nice that you take your time to do a good job and you care! Thank you, I will tell everyone to call you.”
– Bruce & Cathie Comer