Coming from the HVAC industry prior to starting our business, I extensively researched what equipment VacMan would need to serve the communities of Northern Indiana with the best possible air duct cleaning service. I decided then, and I am even more convinced today, that the RIGHT EQUIPMENT for cleaning duct work is a Truck-Mounted Power-Vac. The more air flow, the more dirt and debris that can be removed from within the duct system. VacMan has invested in and utilizes the most powerful equipment the duct cleaning industry has to offer. The Power-Vacs we use are indispensable to the process of removing harmful allergens out of your home and into our trucks outside of your home, where allergens belongs. With the amount of dust, dirt, and debris we see in most homes, I personally would not want even a small percentage of that dust coming back into my home, which is what happens with equipment that is wheeled into the home.

Would you use a handheld vacuum to sweep your entire house? I’m sure we agree, that would not be an effective use of your time, money, and energy. We know that portable air duct cleaning equipment is not the best equipment to use for cleaning all types of duct systems. We know because we own and operate portable duct cleaning equipment. Portable equipment is used for specific situations, mostly during some of our commercial air duct cleaning process.

That being said, you know as well as I do that the equipment does not clean on its own. With over 8,000 successful air duct cleanings and over 22 years of experience, we rely on our gained wisdom to deep clean each air duct system. The technicians at VacMan begin with a passion to serve, then build on their knowledge and expertise by training with other quality air duct cleaners throughout the country. Our trained and caring technicians use these Power-Vacs to provide cleaner air to breathe for the families within the communities where we were born, live, and work. So you can rest assured that when you hire VacMan, a competent and caring technician will arrive at your home with the RIGHT EQUIPMENT to provide you with the Best Value in air duct cleaning.

For Real Value…call VacMan today and Breathe Easy!

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