Providing cleaner, healthier and safer homes to live and breathe in is our passion and purpose. We truly specialize in and are dedicated to air duct cleaning. This is not an add-on service we provide nor do we clean duct work on a part-time basis. VacMan does not clean carpets, install HVAC equipment, or provide any other service. Wouldn’t you want the technician that shows up at your door to be both trained for and passionate about cleaning the duct work in your home.

For the employees of VacMan, duct cleaning is our profession and how we support our families. At this time we support three growing families. Ryan and his family serve out of Bluffton/Fort Wayne area, Joe and his family in the Culver/Plymouth area, and myself with Carrie serve out of Granger/South Bend. Through these three locations, and Lord willing more in the future, VacMan can provide help for and serve all of Northern Indiana.

VacMan also continues to invest in and strives to provide, those who trust us with the air they breathe, the best air duct cleaning service possible. Building from their passion to serve, our technicians continue to grow in knowledge through their daily experience. We also receive education and training from other industry experts around the country on a continued basis. A goal we desire and work toward is that VacMan is considered, by each individual, family, and business whom we are blessed to serve, to be the best or one of the best service companies they have every encountered.

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We are “The Team You Can Trust”