Since 1995, VacMan has been serving Northern Indiana, and we have come to realize that having the RIGHT TEAM for any service is of the utmost importance. Having the right equipment is a must, but you need competent, caring technicians to facilitate the cleaning in order to produce the best results possible. There is a reason why we have so many specialized physicians in the medical field. Would you really hire a general practitioner to perform brain surgery? The same goes for air duct cleaning. You can have the right tools for the job, but if you do not have the training or passion to use those tools correctly, the outcome can be less than desired at best and disastrous at worst.

VacMan does not clean carpets, install HVAC equipment, or focus on any other services. We are truly dedicated to provide families and businesses with cleaner air to breathe through our air duct cleaning service and safer places to live and work through providing fire-safe dryer venting solutions. Our experience over the last 22+ years has allowed us to clean over 8,000 systems ranging from the small residential homes to 7 HVAC unit mansions and also large commercial and industrial buildings. VacMan has the KNOW-HOW to clean the standard 4” dryer duct as well as duct work large enough to walk through.

From your initial phone call through the cleaning process and onto the thank you card you receive for trusting VacMan, you can rest assured that we are RIGHT TEAM for providing the one’s you care about with cleaner air to breathe.

For Real Value… call VacMan today and Breathe Easy!

We are “The Team You Can Trust”