“Just wanted to say thank you for the heads up on furnace. My HVAC guy came out Saturday and shut the gas off immediately. You may have saved my families life….eternally grateful.” Kimberly S.
It is after comments like this that I am thankful to God that I have the ability and the opportunity to serve friends, neighbors and many others in my community.

Air duct cleaning done RIGHT, thats the way we do it at VacMan, is intrusive. In other words during the process of cleaning we need to be in just about every area of your home or business. While cleaning in these areas sometimes we notice things. Like a plumbing leak or a gas valve that should be replaced. We truly care about each of our customers. Of course we run a business and need to make a profit. For the employees of VacMan, duct cleaning is our profession and how we support our families. VacMan also continues to invest and strive to bring, those who trust us with the air they breathe, the best air duct cleaning service possible. Oh yeah we care about providing cleaner air for people to breathe but we also care about our customers personally and the well being of there loved ones.

Kimberly decided to have VacMan deep clean the duct work in the home she just moved into. A wise choice and a very important time to clean the duct work because previous homeowners always leave things behind, especially in the duct work. During the process of cleaning Joe and I noticed a residue inside the duct work that should not be there. This residue can be caused by things like candle burning, a poorly vented flu… In this case we suspected a crack in the furnace heat exchanger. Thankfully the HVAC guy came out the next day to inspect the unit and then take measures to protect Kimberly and her family.

Yeah, I dream of being Super Hero. na na na na… VacMan.
Your welcome Kimberly!

“If it’s in your ducts it’s in your lungs!” so call “The Team you can Trust”
Matt Steenbeke Owner/Operator VacMan Air Duct Cleaning