The VacMan team is accustomed to clean all types of air duct systems. One of my favorites are the “sand systems”, I mean slab systems. Typically, these systems are dug out of the foundation of the house and the airflow is forced around the perimeter of the house through concrete or clay tile. Unfortunately, over time, foundations can shift causing gaps in these slab systems, allowing dirt, gravel, and sand into the ductwork, along with the normal bugs, food, construction debris, and kids toys.

At one such system we cleaned, we were pushing all of the debris in this system, and we were getting close to the furnace where our truck hose was located. There was so much sand in the duct work that we scooped it out of the ductwork to avoid pushing it the rest of the way to the truck hose and out to the truck. As I was scooping out the sand, a little toy army man found his way into my pile of sand. We are used to finding toys in ductwork, but I decided to do a little photo shoot with this little green army man. We want everyone to know that we will fight to do the best job possible to get everything out of your ductwork.

We may not be protecting the country like the selfless men and women who risk their lives daily, but we will take care of those dastardly dust mites inside your ductwork!


“If it’s in your dryer… it could cause a fire!” so call “The Team you can Trust”

Ryan McAfee Lead Technician VacMan Air Duct Cleaning